A bookmarklet for fast sharing on matrix
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Share on Matrix bookmarklet

The Bookmarklet Code

Name: Share on Matrix

javascript:(function() { window.open('https://matrix.gvid.tv/submit/link?title=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + '&url=' + encodeURIComponent(document.URL), '_blank'); })();


I've converted the bookmarklet into an extension for Chrome browsers because personally I do not use a bookmark bar but I do have some pinned extensions, so this fits into my browser UI nicer.

Link to the extension

The extension is in the format of a zip. To use it simply unzip it. Navigate to "Manage Extensions" in Chrome. Turn on developer mode (slide toggle). And then click the button "Load unpacked extension". Select the folder of the extension and open it. At that point the extention is loaded. Then if you pin the extension you should have a small icon that when clicked will share your current page with matrix.

To make the extension I used this tool: https://sandbox.self.li/bookmarklet-to-extension/

I've read the extension content. It's pretty consise and there isn't any funny business I can find. It's just two JS files, one of them being the bookmarklet above.